Slowly Slipping

(This is a response to the Daily Post, today’s word: Slowly)


Slowly Slipping; A Poem


Was it  the bite to my words?
Or the bite from my teeth?
The way I nip, nip, nipped,
As you continued to beckon me.
Was it the way my hands,
Slid slowly down your frame?
Or how when you smiled; So overwhelming,
I had to look away.
Was it the desperation in my tone?
Or the frantic beats in my chest?
The thrums that reverberated through you,
That had you realize you’d allowed this mess?
Was it how I whispered your name?
Or the words about you I scribbled on a page?


Or was it that in the end; over differences,
Realization hit that you were slowly slipping away…?


-Dom H.



One thought on “Slowly Slipping

  1. I nominated you for 2 truths and 1 lie. You can find my version on my blog. The rules are basically to post 5 sets of 2 true facts about yourself and 1 lie. In the comments, people will put their answers. Make sure to share the answers later. Have a blessed day!


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